It is so nice to be reopening Hygronomcis

It is so nice to be reopening Hygronomcis

It is so nice to be reopening Hygronomcis

I built this site originally in 2006-2007.  I have had many hosting company issues, and a major hack last year.  I lost all my local support, tech gurus, and most of the design I had built into my network.

Today I am happy to announce that I will be posting articles and grow advice tips on a regular basis and I hope to add a gallery for all my grow images.

my images are all of my own and of all my experimenting since 2005.  I have hydroponic farm, systems, and supply images.  Greenhouse vegetable, hydro system, and some conventional farming images.

I have images of many propagation techniques and the equipment need for indoor and outdoor growing.

Lastly;  I have many Cannabis images that show how I have successfully grown for a decade and a half.  I hope you all will contribute and join our cause to help people become self substantial.

We will be investing in some wind power generators in order to enter into a semi off grid plan.

Hope you enjoy the site when we are finished.  We are also open to contributors that can expand our knowledge base.

Hygron – Site Developer and Author

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